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About Michelle Clyde

Trust in our team to help you Buy & Sell! Together our success over the decades have closed $100,000,000+. Thank YOU for your loyalty. Keep calling us, you know we strive on stellar communication. Your gift, Dom Perignon at closing. 

Michelle Clyde moved to Temecula, California from Seattle Washington in 2004, when the market was booming. Coming from a Dental back ground, she understood the importance of sincere communication and excelled in top notch customer service. Passionate about creating relationships, she became a Realtor that same year and has excelled in providing her clients the same listening skills she understands is a must in any relationship.

In her free time, Michelle enjoys her daughters recent success of graduating college with a bio-tech degree, and supports her high school son at his baseball games. She loves the outdoors and goes hiking often with her husband, children and dogs. She also helps promote a green planet and is constantly picking up trash when walking her dogs and continues to educate on the importance of recycling. Spending time with her friends and family is very important to her along with expanding her knowledge on new cultures and traditions. Michelle is enrolled in a new class or training, at any given time because she understands the importance of education in today's changing society. She is currently working on getting her Marketing Management Degree. 

Grateful for an amazing group of neighborhood friends, family and repeat clients, Michelle is always welcoming new residents to her Southern California home. Enjoy Life as she does. 

Realtor since 2004

Top Producer 2018

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