Checklist For Your Move

Dated: April 10 2020

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Prepare for your Move

·   Update your mailing address at or fill out a change-of-address form at your local post office.

·   Change your address with important service providers, such as your bank(s), credit companies, magazine subscriptions, and others.

·   Create a list of people who will need your new address.
Whether you plan on sending formal change-of-address notices in the mail or just e-mailing the family members, friends, and colleagues who should be informed, a list will ensure no one gets left out.

·   Contact utility companies.
Make sure they’re aware of your move date, and arrange for service at your new home if the service provider will remain the same.

·   Check insurance coverage.
The insurance your moving company provides will generally only cover the items they transport for you. Ensure you have coverage for any items you’ll be moving yourself.

·   Unplug, disassemble, and clean out appliances.
This will make them easier to pack, move, and plug in at your new place.

·   Check with the condo board or HOA about any restrictions on using the elevator or particular exits or entrances for moving, if applicable.

·   Pack an “Open First” box.
Include items you’ll need most, such as toilet paper, soap, trash bags, chargers, box cutters, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, pens and paper, cups and plates, water, snacks, towels, and basic toiletries.

If you’re moving a long distance:

·        Obtain copies of important records from your doctor, dentist, pharmacy, veterinarian, and children’s schools.

·        E-mail a copy of your driving route to a family member or friend.

·        Empty your safe deposit box.

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